A Space Full Of Peace

Dehkhoda Hospital is located in a safe and peaceful area

Wonderful Amenities

This specialized hospital has the best facilities in the world

Experienced Staff

Dehkhoda Hospital is an experienced and committed medical staff

Established Year

Dehkhoda Hospital has been operating since 1979

About Dehkhoda Hospital

The specialized and specialized private hospital of Dehkhoda was established in 1979 to provide advanced health care and care services based on adherence to human values ​​and values.

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Dehkhoda Hospital Doctor Policy

Presence of prominent professors, experienced doctors and committed personnel; has made this center the best private hospital in Iran, in the minds and hearts of cherished patients.

Patient Satisfaction Assessment Questionnaire

Dear Hospital Visitors can post all comments, feedback and suggestions to the Center on this page.

Hospitalized questionnaire
Outpatient Inventory
Patient satisfaction measurement questionnaire

Patient rights

Every patient admitted to the health center has the right to be treated and treated with respect to his or her personal and private environment.

This means that any intervention should only be carried out in the presence of people directly involved in his or her care and treatment.


Access paths

You can reach the Dehkhoda Hospital by bus and taxi

To get access to the Dehkhoda Hospital through the bus line, you can mount the Freedom Square line to the university's street line, etc.


Specialists' Guide for Specialists

The days of visiting the special sections are daily from 15:00 to 16:00

The appointment hours for each section are individually discussed


Entry and departure rules

The entry of children under the age of 8 years in the hospital is not justified due to the need to protect their health and is prohibited

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hospital environment

Department of International Patients

Dehkhoda Hospital has also thought about ease of work and pleasure traveling along with treatment for international patients.


Coordination of travel and treatment

Co-ordination of travel to Iran, treatment and return to the country of origin by experts of the Department of International Patients at Dehkhoda Hospital

Facilities for the patient and fellows

For the sake of well-being, please, Dear Customers, Features: English, Arabic, Turkish, English, Canadian, Food, Bank, Taxi Service, etc.

Medical technology

Dehkhoda Hospital is equipped with up-to-date equipment from the best brands in the world. The use of modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment process

Control the cost of treatment

When referring to Dehkhoda’s private hospital, note that the cost of receiving excellent medical services at this hospital and in general in Iran is much lower than in similar countries in developed countries.

Collaboration with Dehkhoda Specialized and Advanced Hospital

Board of Directors

The members of the board of directors and deputy chairman of Dehkhoda Hospital to get acquainted with the respectable patients

Chief Financial Officer of Dehkhoda Hospital
Dr. Haji Abu Torabi

Dr. Mohammad Reza Haji Abu Torabi, financial director of Dehkhoda Hospital

Member of the Board
Dr. Yousuf Muhuti

Dr. Yousuf Mohutti Member of the Board of Dehkhoda Hospital

Managing Director of Dehkhoda Hospital
Dr. Homayoun Sheikholeslami

Dr. Sheikholeslami, Managing Director of Dehkhoda Hospital

Dr. Younes Shafiq

Dr. Younes Shafiq, the dean of the Dehkhoda Hospital

Contact With Dehkhoda Hospital

In the Read more section, read the contact details of Dehkhoda Hospital and the map of the hospital on Google Maps

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The Patient Safety Management Visit

Through the attachment below, you can read the Patient Safety Management Visit Program, which was developed by the Quality Improvement Office of the Dehkhoda Hospital in 2018.

Clinic schedule of Dehkhoda Hospital

Dear clients, you can view the program below for information about the schedule of Dehkhoda's specialized clinic.

Clinic booking

Dear Customers, You can make an unlimited and online reservation through this system to receive hospital specialized hospital clinics.
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Insurance companies contract with Dehkhoda Hospital

In this list you can see the list of all insurance companies on the contract with Dehkhoda Hospital

Alborz Insurance

Asia Insurance

Sina Insurance

Iran Insurance

Dey Insurance

Mellat Insurance

Get a Diamond rank

Canada's highest international accreditation rating (ACI) in 2016

Gain a first-rate ranking

Giving first grade rank according to the Ministry of Health assessment, for three consecutive years

Get IPD certification

Acceptance of foreign patients from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

The most advanced medical equipment

Equipped with the most advanced labs and medical imaging centers with accurate performance

Login to International Patients

Dear patients, through this system, you can apply for admission and submit your information

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